Sunday, December 26, 2010

My reasons for absence

May 2010-Nov 2010
Please don't visit me again

What's happening?
Nothing dude.You suck.

Why is my life so boring?
You don't have a life!Face it!

Does this happen to everyone?
To hell with you!Don't compare your life to others!

What can I do bout this?

Another monotonous phase of my life....another attempt to make it interesting.

Off late, I have been searching for a topic to write.CRAP!! was the only thing I could hit upon.

I have been busy listening to people(classes), trying to make some money(training i.e. office), carrying bricks around(books), and accumulating unused energy(fat guys!fat!). My legs have become used to staying idle for most of time as I didn't use them much.My fingers weren't used for anything else other than holding a pen and typing on the keyboard. My eyes saw nothing but people, people and more people. All that my ears could hear was unnecessarily complicated and undecipherable lessons.

To get straight to the point


The result:

-Additional 6 hours of sleep daily.
-An experience that a watch is on top of 'must have' list of a student.
-Ability to sleep in the rear seat of my car with the windows up.
-Increase in the frequency on my phone usage(only Airtel was benefited from it.)
-New friends!
-Criminal wastage of paper. ITC must have cut down at least a dozen trees for my notebooks.
-Enormous amounts of stationary.
-Barrels and barrels of fuel burnt for my transportation.
-An added experience of 7,000 kms on Hyderabadi roads.
-11 traffic violations,one license detention,exchange of abuses.
-Consumption of outside food resulting in a bigger tummy.
-A professional's collection of caricatures and sketches.(you can find many on the benches too.)
-Access to girls who NEVER respond to you.
-A first hand experience in 'How to skip chapters as a teacher-an insight'
-A phase of 'I-haven't-watched-any-movies'.
-An amazing feeling that I have a much better life when compared to the first bencher's.
-A crappy feeling that the course is indeed tough!

And so....


I have no relation whatsoever to the persons depicted in the pictures above.The copyrights of the above pictures lies with the persons who have that face or the person who has insured/hypothecated/mortgaged that person or his face,or the person or organisation who feels that he/she has the rights vested with him/her.I don't have any time to face legal action as I'm busy attending classes.
Also,characters mentioned in the above post are not fiction or imaginary and do resemble living persons.Any resemblance to any persons is true and NOT coincidental.