Sunday, January 9, 2011



-Do people always complaint about life being tough?
 Don't a few even care about life?

-Do people hurt others and don't realise it?
 Do some even let others hurt them?

-Some persons don't even care?
 Do some even CARE!?

-Do people fall in love?
 Do some wish that they never fell in love?

-Do some think that they are unlucky?
 Do some don't even realise that they are lucky?

-Do people look at some things the way they don't have to?
 Do some even look?

-Do some people even yearn for sympathy!
 Why do some even show sympathy!?

-Do people dream and do nothing about it?
 Don't some even dream?
 Don't some even let others dream?

-Don't people point out the wrong?
 Do people even let the wrong unfold?

-Don't some speak up?
 Do some stop those speaking up for them?
 Can't some even stop speaking?

-Can't people remember?
 Can't others remind?
 Are a few things even reminded?

-Do people look down upon others
 Can't some look upon others?
 Do some even compare!?

-Can't people decide?
 Do some decide for others!?