Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ahead of cricket diplomacy and an epic encounter.....

India as a nation runs on three wheels named politics,movies and cricket.

Nothing can get more exciting than the elections or a Rajnikanth movie being released or an India-Pak match at a semi-final stage in the world cup.The stake here is the pride in winning over the arch rival, no matter what.While India is looking forward to continue it's 'a-bit-surprising run' in the world cup and is banking on the world cup sentiment(India off late has never lost to Pakistan in a WC match),Pakistan is looking forward to break the world cup jinx and set up the final clash with Sri Lanka.

The hype doesn't end there.

Prominent leaders(the prime ministers of both the countries as though they have found no other event to catch up),business tycoon,film stars attending the high voltage clash have added to the frenzy.High level security comprising the NSG's, the Z-category force,police force of 3,000 people (to keep the fans at bay) have made 'just-another-world-cup-match' a sophisticated one for the common man.Anti-air craft weapons,counter terrorist force have been set up at strategic points across the venue.Social networking sites,blogs,the newspapers have all been abuzz with the excitement surrounding the clash since the past few days.

On the other hand it's time to make hay for many.Hotels,lodges,PG's have hiked up their prices ten fold to accommodate spectators.While this isn't sufficient,households have been letting out a few rooms for a pricely sum.The spot rates for ads during the match have doubled.People who want to catch some attention have staged dharnas in front of the stadium.'Support India','go India go','bleed blue' are being heard across the length and breath of the country.Movies and multiplexes are screening the match instead of movies.Pubs and bars have setup screens to attract customers.At a few places,even bus stops and railway stations have set up screens to enable people view the match.

There is one more aspect to this match which everyone is looking forward to.People are known to go crazy during a match like this.Uprooting chairs,throwing bottles at playes,burning placards have happened previously.Any untoward incident might even lead to chaos as fans of both the teams will be at the stadium

Every Indi-Pak match is a hype.But this just got bigger.Two highly competent teams are going to wage a war at Mohali today.People have found a reason to be back to their sentiments.

Ahead lies pride, money, diplomacy, excitement, fear, entertainment(even Sachin's century);all bundled in an 8 hour event attended by 40,000 people and watched by a few billions across the world.

I post this as we are a few hours away from the start,the players are practicing at the nets,the security guards are sweating it out in the sun,the common man has been waiting for the past few hours to make his way into the stadium and we people are winding up with our work to catch the match unhindered.It's an unofficial national holiday across the sub-continent.In the end it's either heart warming or a heart breaking experience!

Atithi Devo Bhava and all the best team India!!Bleed Blue!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

No strings attached-III

A hectic week went by.San dealt with a lot of stuff during the week and the weekend was the time for her to windup.She chose Insomnia,a place with decent food,amazing ambience and a good DJ.

The place invited her and her group with thumping bass and the familiar odour of an air freshner with a hint of alcohol.The group chose a table in the corner but somewhere near the drinks.Being a weekend the place was vibrant with people high on drinks and music.

San went to get some drinks while the rest were busy ordering food.As she was nearing the bar she could see a familiar silhoutte of a person on the high stool from a distance.The illumination right above the figure didn't give her a proper vision, but it gave her enough hint to keep away from that person.

She drifted towards the far left of that person as she was approaching the bar so that she could stay away from the view.To prove her guess right she stooped forward with her elbows on the bar table and turned her head slightly towards her right.

Alas;she had a cruel and a much needed grin on her face.

Sitting on the high chair was Reva hand in hand,but not with Rohit,and pecking the unknown guy on his cheek.She wasn't as innocent as everyone thought.The b**** was two timing!

What goes around,comes around.To add to Sans enjoyment was a couple ,who just entered the pub and both whom she knew really well.It was Rohit with another girl!Wow!A perfect end to a hectic week!

Just as Ro entered the pub he head to one of the empty tables,offering his date a chair.He then made his way to the bar and to a spot right in the middle of the two women whom he thought would not exist at that place at that moment.

San was watching him, waiting for the detonator to blast.The countdown had already started and it was just a matter of few minutes before she had a reason to make that place a permanent spot for celebrations.Keep watching she said to herself.
Rohit mean while was waiting for his drinks to be made.He gave a casual glance to his left and met eye to eye with unexpected no.1.He became stiff for a moment and could hear nothing but his heartbeat.A slight recovery a few moment later and ho could manage a smile on his face.He saw Sandra smiling but it wasn't something in reply to his gesture.Something is wrong.
San was just waiting.She saw Rohit retreating his smile,hanging his head low and turning his face towards the right.The only thing exciting was that his face didn't turn back again.
There Rohit saw unexpected no.2.Reva with another guy half drunk.His blood boiled in anger and he knew that his veins would rupture if he didn't react in the next one minute.He now knew why Sandra had that smile on her face.
San kept observing him from the same spot.Rohit took an empty glass from the table,and made his way towards Reva clutching it in his hand.
The world around her slowly started to spin.She was enjoying his company to the fullest.Man....he is amazing....Just when she was about to take a sip,she experienced a deafening noise;a high pitched shout from a voice she knew too well which made her drop her glass,shattering it with a noise.
'You two timing b****!You s**t!You think you can just get away by lying to me!'
Rohit was mad with anger.The succesive incidents of a shout and a shattering glass made half the people in that place sit up and take notice.He was shaking so violently with anger that he slammed the empty glass in his hand to ground so hard that a piece flew and hit a person standing at a distance on his forehead spilling out blood.
The only moment San felt sorry was when an unknown person got accidentally involved in the debacle.The music stopped abruptly and the people could hear murmurs and boos of people all around.Slowly the word spread around and Rohit became the center of attraction....for the wrong reasons.She saw his girl walking swiftly towards Rohit half panicked.
Rohit didn't notice the changes in the atmosphere around him.He was staring contiuously at Reva and the unknown guy when he felt a soft hand on his shoulder.He turned around and scremed at his date.
Reva realised that the situation was going out of hand.A few moments later she realised that she well had an advantage over him in the current situation.
'Whats your problem?'
'You lied to me you idiot!'
'So did you.You have to be at your home talking to your mother but not at the pub with a date you will be seducing.'
She saw his expressions change.His date standing behind him gasped.
'Don't try to act smart!Who is this jackass!?'
'None of your business.'
'I was loving you for the past two years and this is what you give me!?'
'Oh.Mr.Lover boy is in love with me for the past two years and is so dedicated that he never cheated on me.What is your count?Number fifteen with her tonight!?'
Sandra laughed out loud along with the people at the pub.He was getting it hard!Right on his balls!
Rohit was mad with anger and the embarassment he was facing.He raised his hand to strike the unknown guy but it was only a second later that he realised that he was a bit too late for that guy.
Sandra saw the weakling experience the pain of his life.She saw the guy deliver a swift blow right below the left of Rohit's rib cage.His raised him became weak the moment the blow struck him.He clenched the beaten area with both his hands,bent forward pressing his hands into his abdomen,trying to catch his breath.A few moments later he felt a hand on his chin,pulling him up only to be hit hard on his right cheek sending him spiraling to the ground.It was the guy with a ruptured forehead.
The place filled with crazy people was somewhat enjoying the act cause they thought that the person deserved it for he was responsible for the music to stop.It was for second time during the day that Sandra felt pity for him.But some where she knew that he deserved it.
After a few moments of scintillating pain on the ground Rohit managed to stand up and understand what had happened.He realised that he needed some help at the moment and the only person he could even think of was his date.He looked at her with a face asking for help only to see her crying.A moment later he took a slap from her which was followed by a cheer from the crowd.
Third blow of the day and nothing else left to face.Sandra saw Rohit with his palm of his cheek nursing the slap he just received.A moment later she saw the bouncers walking in and pulling away Rohit towards the exit.Alas he got what he deserved!
Sandra woke up late the following day.She smiled to herself only hoping that it was not a nightmare.She smiled thinking of the events of the previous day.Her roomie was no where to be seen.
Her phone vibrated.An unexpected call to start a day with.
'San' said the person who spoke as if he had something in his cheek while talking.
'Can you make it fast.'
'I'm sorry.......'
'Sorry for what!?You have no shame inspite of what happened yesterday.You know what!?You are the worst excuse for a man!All that you need is a h**e for your d**k to keep you alive!Look at the audacity with which you tell me or rather someone that you ended up with some random girl at the party under the shower!You have no idea of the miserable life you are leading,going on fooling people around you!You deserve what you got yesterday!Don't even think of calling me again!Next time I see you around or you call me once more,I so swear that I'm going to play squash with your balls.Trust me,I can do that.Fuck off!'

She could hear him crying but she simply hung up.On his face!


Friday, March 25, 2011

No strings attached-II

'How are you?'
'Who are you!?'
'San.Please.You are my best friend'
'Why do you talk like that?Are you jealous after what happened at Beans!?'
'Shut up Ro!You look like a living example of an A**S patient!I don't even care whom you are going out with and whom you are humping!'
'Sorry then.Reva is just a good buddy of mine San.We met at her college fest last week.Just don't take her in any other sense.'
'Buddy?Your fuck buddy?'
'What happened at the coffee shop was in a very weak moment San.You know,it happens sometimes.It strikes at that moment and you know,just continues.And moreover I love her!'
'Oh yeah.I could smell pure lust in the air.'
'Trust me San.Anyways,I guess it's time for your class.Will talk to you later.'
'I don't want to talk to you anymore.'
Her day went busy running around the campus, finalizing plans for the fest, picking up volunteers and submitting reports.It was only in the evening that she went back to her hostel,to get ready and hit the gym.

Being fit was something she likes.
The next 45 minutes she spent doing some stretching excercises,running on the treadmill and cycling,after which she head straight to the physiotherapy department.It was for the progress check up of her left hand which is mending after suffering a hairline fracture.There was Abbin,her friend,a senior and an avid fitness freak and also a physiotherapist.
'Hey San'
'Hey Abbin'
'Howz the lefty'
'So far no issues.Just a small pain when I'm lifting some weight.'
'Let me look at it'
He took her hand,twisted it left and right, seeing if it is in place.
'Another week and it will be perfect.'
'So,howz college going?'
'Nothing new,the same old crap.Too dull for a teenagers life.'
'Yea yea I know.You'll be out in an year.'
'Yea,Have to go in search of life then.'
'Hehe.True!And San next time Rohit calls you tell him that he will be having it from me the next time in the gym.It has been two months since he has turned up and I guess he is floating like a balloon now with all the drinking he does.'
She went quiet.
Two weeks back,after she broke her hand,she planned on meeting him.She had college in the morning and in the evening,he as told to her,had to hit the gym.This happened for three straight days and he could meet her only on the fourth day.
'San?' said Abbin.Pulling her out from her trance.
'Are you sure he didn't turn up?
'Trust me he didn't.Not a day in the last two months.Check the register if you want to.'
'No no.That's OK....'
'Anything wrong?'
'I'll ask you something if you can promise me that you can keep it a secret.'
'Go ahead.Trust me.Not a word to anyone.'
'Do you know this girl Reva?'
'Who doesn't when he is going out with her for the past two and half years.'
She suddenly felt as if someone has stabbed her in her throat;right through her larynx.She sat still for a moment while the world around her was spinning around.
'Two years and odd!?Wow.'
'He is such a party animal and she has no slightest idea of what he really is.'
So am I
'Anything bothering you?'
'I had a crush on him since a long time.Forget that.He is supposedly a very good friend of mine and it is paining me to know that he has been lying to me for the past two years.'
She told him everything that has happened in the past two weeks.He just sat there stunned.
'What a dick head.....'
'And Abbin.If I get to know that you have told this to someone,I swear that I'm gonna kick you back in your teeth.'
'As I have promised,not a word.'
That night she had a lot of trouble sleeping.Betrayal of trust.That was something she couldn't take.She finally slept when her roomie started sobbing again in the dead of the night.Bitch.

The next day was college as usual.It was business law in the first hour.Contract Act.She wondered how something written in 1872 holds good even after 130 years.
'And so in the very famous case of Belfour Vs Belfour it was held that contracts in the nature of....'
He phone vibrated pulling her away from sleep.She straightened her legs and pulled it out from her jeans.
message:how is class?
reply:  class is all about contracts while I'm thinking of my supposedly good friend called Rohit who has lied to me about this girl called Reva with whom he is going out with for the past two years while he has told me that it is only the last week he has met her, and lying is something I cannot take.
There was no reply from him for the rest of the day and she could listen to her lecturers peacefully,with a sense of victory. part will be out soon!!!!!


Monday, March 21, 2011

No strings attached

Rohit answered his phone.It was another sunday and he was still sobering up.He had been sleeping for under three hours when Sandra called him up.
'Pussy wanna go for a movie?'
She always called him by that.Just like that.She considered him to be one.Just for the sake of it....
'What....!No college today...?'
'Jackass it's Sunday today'
'Ohh yea!Yesterday was Saturday right.Been to Dans party at Pebbles yesterday.I met this girl and she was such a s**t and..'
'Respect!Respect girls you idiot!'
'Sorry.OK.I met this girl who is really wild.We ended up under the shower together.'
I still don't understand why I have a crush on you.
'You keep your count?'
'Yea!She is No.14'
'Trust me.This way you will be one repository of STD's'
'I use protection.'
'By the way which movie.'
'No strings attached?Ashton Kutcher.'
'You have to tell guys that it's Natalie Portman.I'm in.'
'Alright.6 p.m show.Inox.And after that I want to go to the airport for a coffee.'
'Alright girl.'
'Don't have any ideas ok!'
'Hahahaha!Not at all!'

Sandra had a lot of time to kill.She had to do something to keep away from her annoying roomie who apparently had this feeling that no grief in the world comes any where in the vicinity of her problems.
She sat down by her window looking across the concrete jungle of the once-called garden city of India.It's all mechanical now she thought.The November breez blew her silky hair onto her face.She pulled it back behind her ears....lost in thoughts....It was her autonomous nervous system which did that job.
She had a hundred things going on in her head,all at once.She had no regrets with her life.No problem with people.No pressing issues to be taken care of.The only factor which occupied her mind was Rohit.It's just a silly teenage crush she always said to herself.
They met in college.She had a thing for him from day one.Eventually he turned out to be a good friend of hers.A bit of a womanizer she said to herself.But he was a genuinely good guy.

And she will be loved!And she will be loved!
Her thoughts were interrupted by the Marron 5's ringtone.
It was Rohit.
Please don't change the plan.....
'I have a girly problem.'
'Need to meet you.Say in 30 minutes.'
'Will be there.'
She liked coffee and the place for it's aroma.She picked up some casuals from the closet,brushed her hair and go out of her hostel.It was a ten minute walk to the place.
His bike was already there by the time she reached the coffee shop.
Should be really urgent she said to herself.
She walked in,scanning the place,trying to take in the aroma she loved.She found Rohit,but couldn't move for a moment,nor could she register the smell she loved.She stood grounded near the door.

There on the couch was Rohit with two laptop bags to his left and a girl to his right.They were cuddling,hand in hand and talking and giggling away as if the world didn't exist around them.
He saw Sandra and stood up and came walking towards her,his arms spread to hug her.
You don't deserve it you fool!
She put her hand right in front of her stopping him with her palm.
He was taken back, but didn't think much at the moment.
They walked towards the couch and he started removing the bags to make place for her.
You want to show off that your are flanked by two girls!?
Sandra quietly got a chair from the adjacent table and sat down cross legged.
'Umm San she is Reva'
'Hi Reva'
'Hi San!'
'Yea.So.Umm.San can I talk to you alone for a moment?'
Time for some cock and bull stories 

They walked over to the other table leaving Reva at her place.
'San you look dull!'
'Nothing like that.'
'Are you jealous?'
I so wanna chop your dick off without giving you any anesthesia
'Ro!Shut up!'
'Sorry sorry.'
'So,who is she?'
'She is a good friend of mine San.Reva.She is doing architecture and I'm helping her out with her project.'
'What architecture?Body sculpting?'
'You look seriously upset girl!'
'The point is I like her and I want to tell her that and so I want your help.....'
'Should I propose to her for you!?'
'No no!I just want you to stay around.'
She was burning with anger inside.Fuck you! she screamed at him inside her head.
She was never possessive about any of her friends.But it was different in his case.And she didn't realise that till now.
'OK fine.Get yourself together,I'll just come.'
Saying this she made her way to the washroom.
Making sure that no one was in,she locked the door of the facilities.She stood in front of the large mirror,absorbing her image with her eyes wide open.She could see the blood vessels becoming more prominent in her eyes.
He doesn't deserve you!
She stood there for some more time just looking at herself in the mirror.
She inhaled deeply,put on a smile on her face,opened the door and walked out closing the door behind her.
For the second time in the day,she couldn't move again.

On the same couch were the same people smooching each other,lost in lust.
Is this why you called me here?
It took a moment for them to realise that she was out.They broke away form their kiss as if someone cast a separation spell on them.
Sandra quietly walked to them.Four eyes were focussed on her in anticipation as if they were waiting for her comments on their act.
'Ro I think I'll leave'
'San.Can you join us for a movie!?'
Asshole.You want me to sit next to you when you are making out with her!?
'Need to plan for the fest Ro.Not much time is left.'
'Rohit.You booked a ticket for her too yesterday?'
Wow.Pre-planned.And you said OK for a movie with me in the morning.
He looked at her with an expression of you dumb girl!
You deserve her!
'Or atleast the drive to the airport with us!?'
And now you steal my plan!!
'Lemme walk you till your hostel.'
I don't need it!Not anymore from you!
'Just shut up and go sit with your girl.I will go alone.'
'Okie dokie.Lemme atleast walk you till the door.'
They were out on the street.Sandra turned towards him and was about to say bye when Rohit said
'You should have joined us for the movie'
'I'm not interested...'
'You wanted to watch it right?'
She was looking at him with a question mark face trying to remember the conversation in the morning, when her threw up his hands and said in an excited tone
'No strings attached!!!!!'

This time she tried hard not to hit him.