Friday, March 25, 2011

No strings attached-II

'How are you?'
'Who are you!?'
'San.Please.You are my best friend'
'Why do you talk like that?Are you jealous after what happened at Beans!?'
'Shut up Ro!You look like a living example of an A**S patient!I don't even care whom you are going out with and whom you are humping!'
'Sorry then.Reva is just a good buddy of mine San.We met at her college fest last week.Just don't take her in any other sense.'
'Buddy?Your fuck buddy?'
'What happened at the coffee shop was in a very weak moment San.You know,it happens sometimes.It strikes at that moment and you know,just continues.And moreover I love her!'
'Oh yeah.I could smell pure lust in the air.'
'Trust me San.Anyways,I guess it's time for your class.Will talk to you later.'
'I don't want to talk to you anymore.'
Her day went busy running around the campus, finalizing plans for the fest, picking up volunteers and submitting reports.It was only in the evening that she went back to her hostel,to get ready and hit the gym.

Being fit was something she likes.
The next 45 minutes she spent doing some stretching excercises,running on the treadmill and cycling,after which she head straight to the physiotherapy department.It was for the progress check up of her left hand which is mending after suffering a hairline fracture.There was Abbin,her friend,a senior and an avid fitness freak and also a physiotherapist.
'Hey San'
'Hey Abbin'
'Howz the lefty'
'So far no issues.Just a small pain when I'm lifting some weight.'
'Let me look at it'
He took her hand,twisted it left and right, seeing if it is in place.
'Another week and it will be perfect.'
'So,howz college going?'
'Nothing new,the same old crap.Too dull for a teenagers life.'
'Yea yea I know.You'll be out in an year.'
'Yea,Have to go in search of life then.'
'Hehe.True!And San next time Rohit calls you tell him that he will be having it from me the next time in the gym.It has been two months since he has turned up and I guess he is floating like a balloon now with all the drinking he does.'
She went quiet.
Two weeks back,after she broke her hand,she planned on meeting him.She had college in the morning and in the evening,he as told to her,had to hit the gym.This happened for three straight days and he could meet her only on the fourth day.
'San?' said Abbin.Pulling her out from her trance.
'Are you sure he didn't turn up?
'Trust me he didn't.Not a day in the last two months.Check the register if you want to.'
'No no.That's OK....'
'Anything wrong?'
'I'll ask you something if you can promise me that you can keep it a secret.'
'Go ahead.Trust me.Not a word to anyone.'
'Do you know this girl Reva?'
'Who doesn't when he is going out with her for the past two and half years.'
She suddenly felt as if someone has stabbed her in her throat;right through her larynx.She sat still for a moment while the world around her was spinning around.
'Two years and odd!?Wow.'
'He is such a party animal and she has no slightest idea of what he really is.'
So am I
'Anything bothering you?'
'I had a crush on him since a long time.Forget that.He is supposedly a very good friend of mine and it is paining me to know that he has been lying to me for the past two years.'
She told him everything that has happened in the past two weeks.He just sat there stunned.
'What a dick head.....'
'And Abbin.If I get to know that you have told this to someone,I swear that I'm gonna kick you back in your teeth.'
'As I have promised,not a word.'
That night she had a lot of trouble sleeping.Betrayal of trust.That was something she couldn't take.She finally slept when her roomie started sobbing again in the dead of the night.Bitch.

The next day was college as usual.It was business law in the first hour.Contract Act.She wondered how something written in 1872 holds good even after 130 years.
'And so in the very famous case of Belfour Vs Belfour it was held that contracts in the nature of....'
He phone vibrated pulling her away from sleep.She straightened her legs and pulled it out from her jeans.
message:how is class?
reply:  class is all about contracts while I'm thinking of my supposedly good friend called Rohit who has lied to me about this girl called Reva with whom he is going out with for the past two years while he has told me that it is only the last week he has met her, and lying is something I cannot take.
There was no reply from him for the rest of the day and she could listen to her lecturers peacefully,with a sense of victory. part will be out soon!!!!!



  1. Hmm intresting piece, and I guess san needs a break now ! Intresting waiting for the final part ! And san I am there for ya !

  2. <3 u teja...... of course u better b there..... n kailu... nuvvu keka... nuvvu katti.... nuvvu kevvu.... love u too ra....


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