Monday, March 21, 2011

No strings attached

Rohit answered his phone.It was another sunday and he was still sobering up.He had been sleeping for under three hours when Sandra called him up.
'Pussy wanna go for a movie?'
She always called him by that.Just like that.She considered him to be one.Just for the sake of it....
'What....!No college today...?'
'Jackass it's Sunday today'
'Ohh yea!Yesterday was Saturday right.Been to Dans party at Pebbles yesterday.I met this girl and she was such a s**t and..'
'Respect!Respect girls you idiot!'
'Sorry.OK.I met this girl who is really wild.We ended up under the shower together.'
I still don't understand why I have a crush on you.
'You keep your count?'
'Yea!She is No.14'
'Trust me.This way you will be one repository of STD's'
'I use protection.'
'By the way which movie.'
'No strings attached?Ashton Kutcher.'
'You have to tell guys that it's Natalie Portman.I'm in.'
'Alright.6 p.m show.Inox.And after that I want to go to the airport for a coffee.'
'Alright girl.'
'Don't have any ideas ok!'
'Hahahaha!Not at all!'

Sandra had a lot of time to kill.She had to do something to keep away from her annoying roomie who apparently had this feeling that no grief in the world comes any where in the vicinity of her problems.
She sat down by her window looking across the concrete jungle of the once-called garden city of India.It's all mechanical now she thought.The November breez blew her silky hair onto her face.She pulled it back behind her ears....lost in thoughts....It was her autonomous nervous system which did that job.
She had a hundred things going on in her head,all at once.She had no regrets with her life.No problem with people.No pressing issues to be taken care of.The only factor which occupied her mind was Rohit.It's just a silly teenage crush she always said to herself.
They met in college.She had a thing for him from day one.Eventually he turned out to be a good friend of hers.A bit of a womanizer she said to herself.But he was a genuinely good guy.

And she will be loved!And she will be loved!
Her thoughts were interrupted by the Marron 5's ringtone.
It was Rohit.
Please don't change the plan.....
'I have a girly problem.'
'Need to meet you.Say in 30 minutes.'
'Will be there.'
She liked coffee and the place for it's aroma.She picked up some casuals from the closet,brushed her hair and go out of her hostel.It was a ten minute walk to the place.
His bike was already there by the time she reached the coffee shop.
Should be really urgent she said to herself.
She walked in,scanning the place,trying to take in the aroma she loved.She found Rohit,but couldn't move for a moment,nor could she register the smell she loved.She stood grounded near the door.

There on the couch was Rohit with two laptop bags to his left and a girl to his right.They were cuddling,hand in hand and talking and giggling away as if the world didn't exist around them.
He saw Sandra and stood up and came walking towards her,his arms spread to hug her.
You don't deserve it you fool!
She put her hand right in front of her stopping him with her palm.
He was taken back, but didn't think much at the moment.
They walked towards the couch and he started removing the bags to make place for her.
You want to show off that your are flanked by two girls!?
Sandra quietly got a chair from the adjacent table and sat down cross legged.
'Umm San she is Reva'
'Hi Reva'
'Hi San!'
'Yea.So.Umm.San can I talk to you alone for a moment?'
Time for some cock and bull stories 

They walked over to the other table leaving Reva at her place.
'San you look dull!'
'Nothing like that.'
'Are you jealous?'
I so wanna chop your dick off without giving you any anesthesia
'Ro!Shut up!'
'Sorry sorry.'
'So,who is she?'
'She is a good friend of mine San.Reva.She is doing architecture and I'm helping her out with her project.'
'What architecture?Body sculpting?'
'You look seriously upset girl!'
'The point is I like her and I want to tell her that and so I want your help.....'
'Should I propose to her for you!?'
'No no!I just want you to stay around.'
She was burning with anger inside.Fuck you! she screamed at him inside her head.
She was never possessive about any of her friends.But it was different in his case.And she didn't realise that till now.
'OK fine.Get yourself together,I'll just come.'
Saying this she made her way to the washroom.
Making sure that no one was in,she locked the door of the facilities.She stood in front of the large mirror,absorbing her image with her eyes wide open.She could see the blood vessels becoming more prominent in her eyes.
He doesn't deserve you!
She stood there for some more time just looking at herself in the mirror.
She inhaled deeply,put on a smile on her face,opened the door and walked out closing the door behind her.
For the second time in the day,she couldn't move again.

On the same couch were the same people smooching each other,lost in lust.
Is this why you called me here?
It took a moment for them to realise that she was out.They broke away form their kiss as if someone cast a separation spell on them.
Sandra quietly walked to them.Four eyes were focussed on her in anticipation as if they were waiting for her comments on their act.
'Ro I think I'll leave'
'San.Can you join us for a movie!?'
Asshole.You want me to sit next to you when you are making out with her!?
'Need to plan for the fest Ro.Not much time is left.'
'Rohit.You booked a ticket for her too yesterday?'
Wow.Pre-planned.And you said OK for a movie with me in the morning.
He looked at her with an expression of you dumb girl!
You deserve her!
'Or atleast the drive to the airport with us!?'
And now you steal my plan!!
'Lemme walk you till your hostel.'
I don't need it!Not anymore from you!
'Just shut up and go sit with your girl.I will go alone.'
'Okie dokie.Lemme atleast walk you till the door.'
They were out on the street.Sandra turned towards him and was about to say bye when Rohit said
'You should have joined us for the movie'
'I'm not interested...'
'You wanted to watch it right?'
She was looking at him with a question mark face trying to remember the conversation in the morning, when her threw up his hands and said in an excited tone
'No strings attached!!!!!'

This time she tried hard not to hit him.


  1. F U mate, the story (so called) does sound intresting ! Write on wt was San's reaction aftr ro came back from the mvie ! He surely would have called her up !

  2. Nice one!

    I liked how you mixed up expectations with the no-strings-attached statement. Was this piece somehow inspired by a real incident? :P

    Good story :)


  3. superb!... it was so interesting mostly after the 2nd half... but the ending could have been better..
    Still... its good.

  4. beautiful!! its very intriguing to see this side of yours!

  5. Wow...... a personal touch... love u my dear script writer

  6. Interesting... it makes a real good read!!! i particularly like the end u gave :)
    Keep up the good work mate :) :)

  7. Nice ...:) well articulated ... Impressive ending ... Let the people keep guessing ..:p


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