Sunday, February 6, 2011

A silent witness to the moist eyes...........

It was the usual lunch time rush. The place was full of people of all kinds. White collars, students, teenagers, friends in groups, couples....everyone. Creaking chairs, mobiles, footsteps, the constant chatter, the printer, the food counter, the door, the air conditioners, the LCD in the background...everything living and non-living had its share of noise in there.

A person sitting there and looking around could see people with all kinds of emotions mankind ever knew. The white collars had the frowns on their faces, teenagers were laughing away, a few couples were sulking, some smiling and some even fighting. Some never wanted to be there, some never wanted to leave. A few were anxiously waiting for others; a few wanted others to leave. Someone was savouring the delicacies while someone else was trying to keep the food from falling apart.

In this 'jungle' away from everyone sat a girl unnoticeable. She was preoccupied in her own world, staring at something unmindful, her thoughts pre-empted. She looked fair, simple and beautiful. She sat with her legs crossed, and her hands crossed and resting over the uncrossed leg. She sat rigid, not moving an inch of muscle in her body. For a moment anyone would think that she was one of the beautiful wax statues from Tussads; if not for a shining droplet of tear hanging precariously on her eye lashes, slipping away, loosing its hold, finally giving way to the weight and eventually dropping in front of her on the table only to splatter into hundreds of unnoticeable droplets.

The wetness in her eyes disturbed the thin black lining on her eyes, forming a smudge. It was only after another tear which started running down her cheek did she move, wiping it away and getting back to her senses. She adjusted herself and looked at her phone on the table which said something about waiting for someone.

A few minutes later the obvious He walked in. He looked like an aftermath of a hangover, someone who just sobered up. He went to her directly; maybe it was their usual place. She looked up and their eyes met. He sat down looking at her, her eyes following his all the while. He mumbled something like a Hi and she replied a faint tone.

He started talking, something which seemed to be an explanation. She kept looking at him, with the glistening eyes which looked weak and swollen from what looked like a very painful experience.
She followed every word of his, never loosing the eye contact. He was frantic with a stern voice audible but not clear enough for someone sitting a good distance from them and his hands making all kinds of motions in the process occasionally looking at his phone. She just kept listening to him without any interruption but for an 'O' with her lips with a 'Shhh....' signalling him to calm down or a momentary frown making her eyes smaller.

She looked hurt but he didn't look apologetic.

He was done talking after a while, slamming the table softly his body language saying that he wanted an explanation from her.

They were calm for a second. She turned away from him straightening her back, leaning forward and keeping her hands on the table.

It was her turn. She wore the same calm expression even while talking to him, never looking away from him. She started leaning forward talking fast, becoming firmer with her voice her hand motionless all the while. He started becoming uncomfortable, pulling himself up on the chair with his hands on the table, looking all over the place, fidgeting with himself and tapping his mobile. He occasionally tried to speak up, but in vain only uttering mono-syllables.

She didn't take long. She didn't seem explanatory either. He looked defeated, unable to find any answers. May be she did win, but he didn’t lose in her view.

Silence prevailed yet again.

He slowly inched his hand forward, resting it on hers. She slowly turned her hand and took his hand in hers gripping it tightly. They bent their heads down saying the three words to each other.
Back in their heads, deep in their hearts none of them wanted this ever again..........even the silent witness sitting away from their view........



  1. I must admit that while I was reading,my chin was cupped in my right palm and right elbow perched high on the right knee.None of the body parts had the gumption to move,except for one- heart.
    Chiseled at the apt spots to add the right emotion.

  2. Hey Anirudh.Thanx for that man.That's the best I have ever got!!

  3. WTF is this mate ? Sounds good though ! Kewl Writing ! Keep it up, But please do xplain what is it that the Nerd is trying to convey :-)

  4. good u kept it short n interesting, awesome it is :)...

  5. @Lateef:Thanx man!
    @Teja:Basically there in nothing to convey.It's an incident which I felt like sharing.
    @Anonymous:Yeah!I'm keeping em short!Thanx!

  6. very touchy and heart rending write up.

  7. @pramod:thank u very much man....

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  9. Hmmm...! i wish I were the witness..! I'm so obsessed with your blog..! The girl's existence on the earth perhaps was to be penned down in this fashion..! It's SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS... words aren't sufficient..! I need to create few to describe how I feel..!

  10. have got the language, the flow in your writing, a creative bend of started off well..set it up nicely...but somehow failed to hold onto it...I thought it fell flat in the last paragraph.

    Nice try though.. :)

    Read my blog posts and do comment.

  11. Kn, this is one of the the best post I've read n my three years of blogging :)

    Keep writing and have faith, you write really well!

  12. I have seen couple of such scenes.....the girl crying and...the boy comes. You have expressed it in a sweetest style. Really nice one.....voted of course! Thanks for sharing on forum.

  13. @ tweedlethumb:thank you for your feedback.i appreciate it.
    and yes.i will do read your blog and comment!

  14. @ Sourav: I'm delighted!A feed back from a pro is encouraging!

    @ Mohini: Thanks for the vote and thanks for reading!


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