Monday, April 26, 2010

Le début

I've been obsessed.Completely obsessed.

Don't know what's got into my mind lately, but I've been dying to write.My finger tips have become sore due to constant messaging.My tongue is running dry after hours and hours of crap talk.Blogging my brains out looked like a good option.

So why name it 'nerd base'?
Well.That's what I'm well known as among my friends (pity those who don't know me for what I am!Well I'm proud of it though :P).

The next question.What's that I'm gonna write?
For God sake,I have no idea.But one thing people(Whoof!i'm already using a plural!)please try to put up with my weired sense of humor.Remember that you are on a nerd base.

That's all for now.Want to write more,but it struck me just now that I have my Univ exam tomorrow.Gtg!


Note:I don't think that I have to write that this is my first hand at blogging.

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  1. WAY TO GO KN .. :) ... LONG LIVE "NERD BASE" !
    SRA .. !


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