Thursday, October 6, 2011

The half eaten Apple that never rots

All that I can dedicate to this man is this article.

Dear Steve Jobs,

I guess that by now you must be sitting comfortably on one of the clouds allocated to you in heaven, staring at the harp and looking at ways of improvising it while the iPad on your side is buzzing with condolences, obituaries and messages of grief from across the globe.

To be true I never knew your name until the late 2005s.It was that time when the IT guys frequenting the West bought an iPod on their way back so that it would be useful for them in their morning jogs (which happened once in a fortnight).I found wheel in the center very fascinating and the small screen captivating. It was the first time I heard then name of ‘Steve Jobs’ though I just knew Apple as a company and Macintosh as a computer from the boring lessons of ‘History of Computers’ from school. Later it was the iPod shuffle I managed to buy, which became my first and the only Apple product that I own, and use to date.

I totally grew up on MS and I had the ‘teenager’s opinion’ that nothing could beat it. The ‘Apple-to-me-means-iPod’ gradually grew to ‘Steve-Jobs-is-God’. My plans of saving up to buy the next Apple product always remained in cold storage as you kept rolling out revolutionary products, one after the other in your trademark turtle neck tee and blue jeans.

It wasn’t a long time before that I went a spree, watching all the Apple event videos that YouTube had for the nth time. The untiring legs on stage, the commanding voice, and the levels of curiosity which you maintained and the simplicity and the ease with which you could convince anyone why your product is the best made me watch those videos over and over again. And how can I forget the best of the lot? The 1984 launch of the Macintosh! I swear that I would have fainted that day only if were in that crowd which went hysterical. That one alone is enough to tell everyone why you are considered a visionary.

Thank You Steve Jobs for showing us what it means to go around with a revolutionary product in our pockets, Thank You for proving that the dots always get connected, Thank You for making us proud to be born in a generation influenced by your products and finally a Thank You for showing the world what it means to bounce back stronger.

You showed us all what it means to eat only a part of the Apple and investing the rest in your dreams.

I write this as Steve Jobs is making it for the 9th time onto the cover page of the TIME magazine.

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