Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Open Letter to KCR

Dear KCR,

I write this letter knowing fully that it won’t reach you and even if it does, you’d need a person to
explain what’s written in this. And even if you manage to understand, there wouldn’t be any change
in the un-ethical ways in which you are planning to sabotage the daily life of the normal citizens.

I belong to the ‘immigrant’ category of persons as per your seditious nomenclature. I was born and
brought up in this very city of Hyderabad, though my roots go back to the picturesque Godavari
district. All through the 21 years of my life in this city, never did I think that the harmony and life in
this city would be disturbed by a thin man, wearing baby pink around his neck, having two douche
bags below his eyes and whose nose holds all the muscle in his body. Being flanked by a bunch
of equally jobless supporters (one who is a professor of a university and doesn’t care about the
education system), you have managed to create quiet a rift among the people of this state who have
long forgotten that the state of Andhra Pradesh actually has three regions.

It was a very tactical move that you first targeted the students in the University. Being the hot
blooded ones, they totally forgot the reasons for which they exist and started the destruction. While
they were on a rampage, you were probably enjoying the mass destruction on the TV. You managed
to create the divide among the Government officers compelling them to lose
salaries while you were busy planning your next move. Now, you sabotage the transport system,
bring the real estate down, eat the morsel of the daily wage labourer, threaten the academic year
of the students, cause loss to the ex-chequer , create power crisis -all this in the name of ‘a better
state’ and people blindly follow you not knowing where the better state even lies. While there
will be no new investment coming into the state, the existing business houses are for sure looking
elsewhere for expansions. Such is the glorious future which lies ahead.

Who can forget those wonderful statements you made? I remember you saying that the biryani
made by the Non-T people tastes like cow dung. While people around
you were beaming with joy and clapping mindlessly, I could only think of the abysmal lows you could
stoop in your comparisons. Not to forget scores of other statements in which you said that you
would drive away the Non-T people from this region.

Let me ask you something. Who the heck are you to do that? In case you forgot, let me remind
you that this is not a god damn state built on your fore fathers property for you to keep people of
your choice and drive away the rest. As the citizens of this country we have the every right to settle
where ever we want to. And don’t forget that ‘we’ people are also the major driving forces behind
the administration and economic growth of this state and also the city of Hyderabad, without which
your state of T would be nothing.

And you have the audacity to go and hit the officers? God! This shows how uncouth and ill behaved
you are! And you think that they can’t hit back? Remember what happened last year when you tried
to introduce your T-Bill in the assembly?

Though I am opposed to formation of a separate state, I’d like to keep my reservations for myself.
You might be proud that you have managed to cook up some revolution, but let me tell you that the
future generations will remember you for your nose and your ability to pelt stones at anything that
is glass. An agitation in a sensible manner would be welcomed but for what you are doing, I’d call
you the Bal Thackerey of Andhra Pradesh. Jai Hind!!!

First Indian and then Andhraid
(And you cannot call me by any other name.)

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