Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bah Bah Ramdev!

Dear Baba Ramdev

Your attempt to bend the country like your body has backfired and we now find your limbs tangled and your close aide Balakrishna trying to help you out of them(his condition being worse).The on-stage antics you displayed on the night you were evacuated evoked ripples of laughter all around but not much of sympathy.That episode only proved that the Indian police are pros in dispersing scores of people with the traditional canes and a few shells of tear gas.The extent to which they went by dismantling the marquee,rolling the carpets and dropping you away at your place made me feel really proud of them.You being air lifted and dropped by the police,with a condition(read warning) not to enter Delhi in the days to come made it even worse.

Now, what made you think that you were clean and safe in spite of having your foot print in over 300 companies?The ED came knocking and asked you to puke it out,and you did only half your job!(and gargled the rest?)Now I think that the IT department will be making the next move.

And then you did what?The usual fasting,which has lost it's sheen and historical importance as any frivolous campaign by minnows is kick-started with.You took your own sweet time of nine days,sleeping in a glare of media lights and the coolness of the air-conditioners until the fast broke you!(Now you understand the importance of lemonade!)

Dude,entry into national politics is not any tad easy job like beaming live everyday on a national channel.Why would people even take you seriously when you are demanding the return of 'Swiss Black money' when you alone run a realm which runs into a few thousands of crores.Your gambit should have been the polls.Seriously.

I supported the campaign by Anna Hazare but I vehemently despise the same by you.Do you remember that you goofed it up during his campaign too?People fighting seriously for more important causes are being over looked because people like you are hogging the lime light with your antics.Who even noticed Swami Nagamanada till he was dead after 70 odd days of fasting for a Government initiative to clean up Ganga?

Before I sign off let me tell you that not many consider that night as a 'fateful' and 'dark night'.I only suggest that you get back to your daily routine of yoga and ayurveda and let people forget you for a while.May be later you can start afresh,this time with a much better strategy and a much deserved cause!Also remember that giving an ultimatum to the 
Government will have it's side-effects.

You have woken me up from my slumber and at a time when I thought I'd write nothing in the months to come and also after having decided that I'd not touch upon National politics/political fiasco's for a while.

And yes!You do get your share of credit if the black money does really kiss our shores someday.But that might be the day when we shall be smiling from digital portraits(like those from Harry Potter) put up by our off-springs!

Try not to dig further.We still respect you for your yoga.



  1. Brilliant title... superb post :)
    Awesomeness in all! :)

  2. Haha. nice post. Hope Baba reads this :D


  3. Totally agree! True that people are little pepped up after Anna's campaign and are much more aware about the corrupt politicians but does not mean that they will support any twisted baba! I lost my respect for him on the day he said homo sexuality is a disease and can be 'cured' by yoga!

    Well written to the point! :)

  4. completely agree-from yogi baba to dhongi baba!

  5. India will do very well if 2 things happen.
    1.'Gandhi' family with its corrupt mafia supporters is deported to its 'home' country
    2. BJP with its narrow minded 'hindutva' and casteist hierarchy is dismantled.
    God save India

  6. completely agree-from yogi baba to dhongi baba!


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