Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anna Hazare:The time India is cleansed.

'62 years after independence and we still do not have independent and effective anticorruption systems.'
This is what Anna Hazare has effectively pointed out in his letter to the the PM.

At his age,Anna Hazare would have been just anothe senior citizen,drawing money out of his pension,reading the daily newspaper,checking his deposits and thinking if he can survive the spiralling inflation and growing prices in the years to come.

But no.

Instead of doing the umpteen discusiions of how corrupt the Governement officers in our country are,he has taken up the cause to push forward the governemnt in passing the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Supported by eminent personalities like Kiran Bedi,Sri Sri Ravi Shanker,and Mallika Sarabhai;Anna Hazare is fast reaching the masses with his indefinite fast which has entered the third day today.

While the Congress is taking cover saying that they are still in the process of drafting the anti-corruption bill,Anna Hazare is in no mood to listen.He has waited 62 years and nothing seems to move an inch forward.

The Jan Lokpal Bill,which he is fighting for is a draft anti-corruption bill drafted by prominet social activists,which provides a legal framework
-for setting up an independent body called Jan Lokpal,which handles cases against corruption by investigating,confiscating (the ill-wealth of the corrupted) and also punishing them without the intervention of the Government.
-which completes trails within a period of one year and also sent to jail(if found guilty) within a period of two years.
-loss cause by that person to be recovered.
-penalties to be imposed on guilty officers and the same to be given as compensation to complainant.
-members of Lokpal not to be appointed by politicians,but by judges and citizens.

Anna Hazare has already found a lot of support in popular social networking sites and his moment is gaining strength from pillar to post.More people are supporting his cause everyday.

Now.If frivolous,frothy and unnecessary fasts by equally lame persons have made the Government take notice,why can't a moment, if eventful and which can change the face of our nation and which has also caught the pulse of every disgusted and frustrated Indian force the Goverment to throw up and enact what we want!?

Private life and obligations and compulsions impede us to join such great moments.But why not lend support for this old man and fast for a day?Think.

I'm fasting today.Are you?

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Anna Hazare's 5 point letter to PM:


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