Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still objects:Captured!

My hand at some photography and some basic photo editing.Camera used:Canon PowerShot SX 10 IS
Brass bell.
The brass bell.The 'irony'?Chimes when man has got problems and also when an Angel gets his wings.
Exposure time 1/60 sec.Unedited,unmodified.

Not so hard 'nut' to crack!Multi product producer-water,pulp,fiber,oil and a hard shell.

The vanishing green standing bright against it's perpetrator-Steel and Concrete,captured by the destroyer-hommosapiens aka the wise man.
Photo shopped to pop colour. 
Here is the original

'O mighty sky!?When shalt I reach you!?'

Indian Post Box
A victim of modernisation. But still stands out bright amongst any s**t.

Note:Please note that this is NOT a disclaimer.All the above pictures belong to me!Any person whosoever,with any intention of using these pictures should contact me before taking your own decisions.

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  1. Good job kail!! :D
    #the green leaves- if you hadn't mentioned it was photoshopped, i wouldn't have known it was !!!


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