Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chaos:Charity se Hatke Aur Over Smart mat bano!

It was the month of April and the mercury was already touching the 38 degree mark.Abhi was on his way home after a meeting with a dealer who, held his advance without supplying goods,citing obscure reasons like account settle hogaya saab!After a lot of explanation and calculations, the supplier budged and agreed to supply the goods at the soonest 'with free transport cost!'.All that he said while Abhi was leaving was 'Black money hai saab!Bahut problem hora maintain karne mein.Aise vaise mistakes tho hote!Par white mein business karne ko mann hora nai'

The combined effects of the soaring sun beating down on his helmet,the strenuous session with the supplier and an encounter with a money parasitic cop left him irritated on the roads of Hyderabad.

He stopped at the mighty Khairatabad signals,where four arteries called roads carried,poured and exchanged from the heart of the city the blood called vehicles,the flow called traffic which never seemed to stop till the earth existed.

The place was every drivers nightmare,hell for the regulating cops,luck for the fining cops,a reason to hike rates for the auto wallahs,a place to sell wares for the hawkers,a reason to violate rules for a few and not to forget, a place to make some,no,loads of money for the beggars.

Abhi was in the midst of a wreck.Ready to explode any moment.

The category of persons determined to make money through sheer physical strain,without offering any goods or services in exchange approached the most irritated person on earth at that moment.He would sometimes brush them away or sometimes he would help them.This time he decided not to do either of the above.

It was a 14 year old kid.

He was rugged with dust on his face,some scars,dirty and torn clothes.A typical person of his class.
'Arey bhaiyya thoda paise dedo na.Bhook lag rahi hai.Khake do din hogaya.Aapko accha girl friend milegi.Please.Dedona.'
Abhi's turn at the signal was approaching.He didn't have time.'Tu bike pein bhait be.Baat karna tere se.'
The kid hopped onto the bike without any hesitation.
The signal turned green and Abhi flew with the stream,reached the other side of the cross roads and turned into a lane which was somewhat free from the mad traffic.

'Chal.Uth.' He said in a typical Hyderabadi ishtyle.

'Bol bhaiyya.Kya hona?Sow rupay ka change kya?Das rupay ka comission hota' the kid said with some aura.

'Chup bey tu.School ko jaa sakta na bey tu.'

'Paise kaun kamata ghar mein?Aise nai chalta hamare ghar mein!'

'Shaam mein school ke baad kaam karo bey!Paise kama sakta tu!'

'Kaam kaun deta.Arey woh tho chod do.Tu mereku kaam mein rakha tho kitte paise dega bol.'

'Tu kya kaam karta bey.Chal kuch tho bhi.1500 doonga.Aata kya.'

'1500 mein kya aata bhaiyya.Ye Khairatabad signal pei roj minimum 200 signals girte.Ek ek signal theen minute ko hota jismein mein minimum teen rupay kamaata hoon.Shaam mein tho traffic ke time mein tho minimum paanch rupay milte.Aur raat mein dus bhaje ke baad thode car waleh jo peeke rahte na,woh log to 100 rupaye ka note dete.Ab dekh mein ek din mein kitna kamata hoon.'

Abhi stood listening to the kid and calculating.200*4=800+peak time earnings of 200+night time earnings of 100/200=1,000/day

'Month mein itna paise kamane wale job mujhe dedo mein abhi ajaunga.Aur ye signals pein kaamane ke liye mein license bhi khareeda maloom!Aise vaise kaam nahi hai ye!School ko jaane se kya aata!?Food bhi kya milta school mein itta dal our itta chawal!Sunday sunday tho mein bawarchi mein biryani khake ek kotter dalke gahr ko jaake sota.'

Abhi had nothing to say.He was waiting for the flow to subside.

'Aur tera kaam kya hai?' the kid asked Abhi sensing the advantage he gained.

'Mera coffee shop hai.'

'Bole tho?Chai ka dukaan?Arey chai banane walah mere se jyada kamata tu?'

'Coffee shop boletho chai ka du...'

'Arey.Coffee shop bolke buildingaa banate,AC lagate,table lagate aur andar uniform mein engliss mein baat karte.Naama lagake chai biskit bhejte.Next mera wohi plan hai.Ek tent,ek bandi,ek kerosene ka stove our do flask.Chal.Mera time waste kardiya tuu.Theen signal hogaye shaayad.Pachas rupaye dedo.'

'Pachas rupaye kyon!?'

'Arey!Mujhe idhar tak leke aayana tu!Aur hamare secrets pure pooch liye!Mera time waste hogaya.Business mein bolte na uppartunity cost!Aisa hai ye!'

Without a second word Abhi flicked out his wallet and 'paid' the kid.He drove back home with a lesson for the day.Signals pey hoshiyar mat bano yaaro!


P.S:This incident is not a made up one.It is the result of a true encounter.

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