Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is what I did to make India win!

Sentiments play an important role and I contributed my best towards team India winning the world cup. Here is an account of what I did and what I thought I should do based on my past experience of watching high voltage and important matches.

-I made it a point not to stay at home for the toss and initial overs of the first innings. I came home well after the fifteenth over of SriLankan batting.

-I was continuously texting and facebooking during the Srilankan innings. I later realised that I didn't do that during the semi-finals. I threw my phone away, locked right after Sachin got out. Sorry sis! This is the reason why I didn't unlock my phone and give it to you!

-My dad arranged comfortable seating in front of the screen for viewing the match and I got it removed. That wasn't there during the T20 final! Sorry Dad! History in the making!

-I didn't use the washroom even though I had to.

-I saw to it that I lay flat on the couch while watching the crucial overs. I was sitting when India lost wickets.

-I didn't want to eat till the match ended. On my mom’s persistence, I ate, but only during the drinks break and in between the overs.

-I didn't use any world cup ringtones or wallpapers all through the tournament.

-I was continuously telling people that India would lose(though I knew for sure they would make it!)

-I stayed at home for the match rather that going out and watching it with ecstatic crowd. Victory is what we need! Not fun!

-I didn't change my clothes even after coming home. I watched the match in my formals only.

Sentiments that worked for India
-Sachin not hitting centuries in crucial matches.
-Dhoni's stats against Srilanka.
-Sreesanth in the final match even though Dhoni knew that he can't bowl well.
-The very dependable pair of Dhoni and Yuvaraj finishing.
-Rajnikanth attending the match!

Sentiments which people thought would work against India
-Starting as favourites.
-India losing the toss and bowling first.
-A very small percentage of chasing teams winning the world cup final.(2/9 previously)
-A century by the opposition in the first innings.

Well! We are Indians after all! Sentiments are a part and parcel of our life and we don't mind admitting them!

This is what I did to make India win. What did you do!?

Bleed blue! Forever!


Disclaimer:Bleed Blue and the logo belong to Nike.And I don't think they mind me using it in my post.And Nike, thank you very much for the phrase!We love it!

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  1. I've read this thing 3 times now. Gave me a sense of pride, EVERY time!
    Regarding what i did for India,well we chanted Hanuman Chalisa :) continuously!
    A friend of mine and i kept updating each other for the score cuz thats what we did when we played WI,Aus and Pak.
    Sentimental, but true. India all the way!
    You have to BE an Indian to experience this!!!
    Go India!!!


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