Friday, April 22, 2011

Mr.Perfect:Telugu movie review.

Vicky(Prabhas) is a game developer in Australia who doesn't believe in sacrificing for others and believes in deriving happiness form doing things which he only likes.He comes to India for his sisters marriage which is at a village in which he spent his childhood.He meets Priya(Kajal) there on the insistence of his parents and finds her to be completely different from the type of world in which he lives. Priya finds him attractive and is ready to sacrifice he likes and dislikes for Vicky,a concept which he feels doesn't work out in the long run.

Later he meets Maggy(Tapsee) through a contest in which they are declared 'made for each other' and feels that she is his perfect match as both think alike(like Irish coffee without foam) in any aspect.Maggy's father(Prakash Raj) is Vicky's employer,who doesn't like him for the attitude he has shown him in the past.He puts a condition to both Maggy and Vicky that he'll perform their marriage only if his relatives agree and tells him to attend his elder daughter's wedding.The rest of the story deals with how Prabhas tries to win their hearts and how he realises his mistake towards the end.

Prabhas is good in the role of Vicky.He looks cool in his outfits and trimmed hair and a toned body.His dialogue delivery is (obviously) different from his previous movies and he could have accented his language a bit. Kajal looks gorgeous and has put up apt emotions and is seen in sarees through most part of the movie. Tapsee adds to the charm and has fit well in the role of a pretty modern girl with her own rules.She has dubbed her voice for herself and it fits perfectly well with her character. Bramhanadam is wasted.Raghu Babu is mediocre with some cheap jokes. Sameer,Nasser,Muralimohan and others are apt.K Vishwanath takes up the role of knowledgeable old man and is perfect.It is disappointing to see Bharat, the child prodigy being
mocked as a baby elephant for his personality.

Dasarath who has handled a subject like Santosham in the past couldn't do proper justice to the movie.The main problem lies with the screenplay which isn't engaging enough though the concept of the movie sounds to be interesting enough.The movie seems to drag in parts. Dialogues aren't worth remembering save for a few. Prabhas tries using his signature 'darling' in a few places.

Music by Devi Shri Prasad is OK.The songs have been shot well.Background music goes well with the movie.There isn't much importance to scenic beauty in the movie. Editing is good.Production values by Dil Raju are good.Fights by Peter Heins are good especially the one in the swimming pool. Prabhas hasn't showcased much of his dancing skills in the movie.

On the whole the movie is clean with not much of an entertainment quotient but lots of sentiments in play.It might go somewhat well with the 'A' centers but we have to wait and see for the reaction from 'B' and 'C' centers as there isn't any .Go watch it once if you haven't watched a movie with your family in the recent times.A small respite for the struggling industry is what one can say!

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